Terms of Service

XTRADER is a locally Incorporated Company . We have grown consistently since inception and today we offer a wide range of computing services and solutions.
The MISSION at XTRADER is to add value and to contribute to our clients’ long term success and competitive strength. This is accomplished by helping clients to identify solutions that improve performance, by assisting in implementing those solutions and by aiding in managing the subsequent change.

We possess proven ability to deliver and are committed to providing quality products and services which include:
Hardware/Software sales & support, Network Installations & Support, Internet Installations & Web design, Software
Development & database Applications, IT Training, and, Computer Hardware Maintenance whether Carry-in Repair or
Call-Out Repair Services.

XTRADER hereby commits to the following:

  1. As Both Hardware and Software Vendor, we are not allowed to pre-install any unlicensed software products
    on assembled computers.
  2. We Provide Assembled computers with either licensed software, Free Open Source Software or No Software
    at all!
  3. None of our clients is bound to use any specific software. As our esteemed clients, you are FREE to use any
    software of your own choice provided that all the legal requirements are observed. Loading of any Open
    Source or Licensed Software will always attract a Small fee should it be that the computer in question is not
    being assembled for the first time. All pre installations on newly XTRADER -Assembled Computers will be free!
  4. We are obliged to give free information on alternative software (ask about OPEN SOURCE).
  5. No XTRADER’ technician will repair a client’s computer running on NON-OPEN SOURCE products,
    unless a valid license is identified. This includes all computers either supplied by XTRADER or any
    other dealers. NOTE: This does not mean that you can’t book in your computer for checkup. Should you have
    trouble with your computer; feel free to bring it in – we will use acceptable methods to test but will not
    REINSTALL any unlicensed software.
  6. We are against Software Piracy and support Acceptable Competitive business practices.
  7. All Media (CD-R or DVD-R) & Consumables (Cartridges or Tonners) Do NOT Carry any Warranty
  8. All NEW Products carry a 12-month warranty unless otherwise specified
  9. All DEMO Products carry a 3-month warranty unless otherwise specified
  10. Pre-installed Software is not covered in the warranty. All Re-installations will attract a fee
  11. Hardware That is less than 7 Days Old can be swooped out immediately but those older than 7 days need to
    be booked in for repairs for a MAXIMUM of 7 Days and a MINIMUM of 3 Days
  12. XTRADER will not be held liable for any accessories accompanying the main hardware booked in
    for warranty
  13. You must Back-up your data before handing in your PC for Warranty. We can’t be liable for your data
  14. The Following will result in Warranty being VOID:
    a. Any Physical damage on the product (e.g.: Scratch Marks, Burnt Marks, Broken/Missing Parts)
    b. Missing Serial Numbers or any other original labels
    c. *** If the product has been infested with Insects such as Cockroaches (Especially Power Supply)
    d. If the product has been mishandled (e.g. CPU) / Struck by lightning (Monitors/PSU/Motherboard)